Horseback ‘Riding Tours’ through Heaven

Our special and unparalleled horseback riding tours are entailed to relax and ensure you a tranquil period. You will be on a rollercoaster of your life through the most incredible scenic beauties that are entailed to be borne in your mind and will certainly be a breathtaking experience for you. The mighty mountains, the ocean and the nature, all will join to form a unique combination at the Adventure Park. You can select from 4 different tour choices which will ensure your complete satisfaction.

For instance, you have the choice of the Panorama Horseback riding tour. Bask the most lovely landscapes and mountain ranges as the trip will make you reach the top position of our private reserve. We are situated at a height of 700mts. You will notice vibrant plants and different kinds of creatures. Hence be ready for an unparalleled experience with this specific tour.

Another choice that might entice you is the Horseback riding Lookout Point. This tour will make you explore a lovely green forest along with fresh air for breathing. You may also visit the fertile fields and the tropical fruit plantations. All your queries will be answered by our guides during the tour.

The Waterfall Horseback riding Tour is a lovely trip and also exhilarating. Ride through the fruit plantation areas and forest regions and gather the experience by witnessing the 3 major waterfalls. Climb up to the middle of the forest and also check out the natural spring water pool and swim there.

Finally, gather all the information about the Gold Mine Horseback Riding Tour. It is certainly a unique and great choice. This tour will certainly be an incredible experience for you. After completion of the tour, you may ride back to the waterfall where you can swim and get relaxed.

Just remember that our tours are for everybody! No matter if you are a fresher or an experienced rider, our trained horses are suitable for anybody. They are kept in great mental and physical shape for your personal security.

Panorama Horseback Riding Tour

Panorama view and Country side Horseback Riding Tour

Costa Rica, the geographic link between North and South America, ensures a memorable experience: a horseback riding tour amidst the exhilarating landscape of the mountain region. We have a private reserved area which is situated at a height of 700 meters near Puntarenas and 14 km away from the Pan-American Highway. You will reach ether through a paved serpentine road from where you bask incredible scenery of the lovely landscape and the Golf of Nicoya. Get ready for an unparalleled experience. Tropical plants and creatures are anticipating your arrival. They will not run away by noticing you on the horseback. Our horseback riding tours will give you a golden chance to go near them and have a closer look.
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Horseback Riding Lookout Point

Join our Horseback Riding Tour through green lushes, vibrant fruit plantations, fertile fields and an incredible rural landscape. Our expert guide will handle all your queries and explain in details about the rich landscape of the region. No matter you are a fresher or experienced in riding, our trained horses are completely safe. Our 30 horses run through our reserved area of 50,000 sq meters. They are in best physical and mental shape possible and can bask every tour and lives long.
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Waterfall Horseback Riding Tour

Are you ready for this incredibly lovely tour? We will take you on a ride through the fruit plantations and forests to the amazing 3 waterfalls. The tour is a great combo for mountaineering and riding people as it will give you the choice to pass through the deep forest and get refreshed at the spring water mountain region. Bask the incredible view of the Gulf of Nicoya and the harbor city of the Puntarenas at an amazing lookout point. On the other side of the road you can conveniently notice the height of the Tilaran’s mountain trails. During the tour, you may also notice some lovely birds and howler monkeys (Available from the 15th of January of 2013).
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Gold Mine Horseback Riding Tour

How about traditional Gold Washing? This tour commences at our farm and takes you back to the nineteenth century. An expert guide will explain the tour in detail, hence you can bask the gold rush world. Utilize your hands to wash gold plates which will make you feel really fortunate. In case if you are fortunate, you may also retain the gold. Ride 1 horse for an hour to reach this interesting place, then bask the once in a lifetime experience by seeking for gold yourself! The trip is not only all about seeking gold but also you can spend some quality time on horseback, to reach the place, from where you can jump into an amazing waterfall.
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