Jaco Tours

Jaco is eighty miles away from the airport of San Jose city. It is a lovely city which takes couple of hours drive to reach from San Jose city. Right from the Juan Santa Maria International Airport, you need to follow the signs towards San Ramon. After covering six miles, you need to drive towards Atenas and right at the stop sign, you have to turn left. At San Mateo, you may face a road blockage as it is a one way path. You just have to follow the road to reach to the main path. While reaching Orotonia, you will get a direction to travel towards the right hand side. You should never follow that direction or you will get lost. You should keep on going straight until you find a sign directing towards Jaco. You should then keep on following the directions towards Jaco.

There are often buses going directly right from the Coca Cola bus station in the San Jose area. It will hardly take five dollars as bus fares. If you want to travel directly from the San Jose airport, then you can also opt for shuttle services which are offered 3 times a day from the San Jose airport starting right at 7 am and also travels through the Down Town area. As an option, you can drive through the San Ramon toward Puntarenas by catching the highway No 27. You have to keep travelling towards the south until you get the mountain road. You may also halt on the bridge on the way to watch the wild crocodiles. This is a completely wild life preservation area.

Transportation to Jaco is really easy. You may conveniently stay at the Sueños Marriot Resort, which is just an hour away from the Adventure Park. We offer different kinds of amenities and choices for the guests at this resort and also offer attractive sight seeing packages, which will give people the opportunity to explore this area of Costa Rica in the best way possible. People will be just one hour drive away from here to explore the longest zip line that crosses the waterfalls in Costa Rica. We don’t have words to explain this mesmerizing experience. Avail our affordable tour packages to Jaco and make it a memorable experience for your entire life. The Sueños Marriot Resort certainly offers the most luxurious accommodation that you can possibly expect at this paradise of nature within your budget.