San Jose Tours

Travelling to one of the very first cities providing electricity in this world, even way before New York, San Jose of the Costa Rica region has been the appropriate instance of beauty, history, and friendly people. It is due to some of the great qualities of this city of Costa Rica that makes it a perfect capital for Costa Rica. San Jose is situated at the central valley in Costa Rica, at a height of 1161 m over the sea level and is one of the youngest capital regions of Latin America. The city in Costa Rica was founded in the year 1738 but it was in the year 1823 when it was declared to be the capital city of Costa Rica. Visit this city for a mesmerizing experience and witness the art and architecture and a commercial centre for the country which is developed by a high development in Tourism industry.

In this trip we will take you through various places, right from the most incredible spots in san Jose, such as the Museums (Gold, Pre-Colombian, Jade and History) the National Theater, considered to be one of the most lovely buildings of this city and also the post office tower, along the tour we shall also visit the National Cathedral and spend some quality time within the Central Park Avenue where numerous people walk regularly for shopping, work or may be to listen some truly beautiful live local music and you may also groove to those couple of tunes.

Allow the mesmerizing beauty of this gorgeous city astonish you and give us the opportunity to explore the centre region of Costa Rica, which is reflected in the mood of every local citizen that you will face on the street of this city.

During this tour, we will also halt on the road to witness some of the vital agricultural grounds such as cane, sugar, coffee. You may also check out the local butterfly farm, situated in the magical garden with lovely drawings of flowers which would remain a memory of a lifetime, on this region and also you will get the opportunity to find the loveliest and cheap memento to get coffee and all those incredible gifts for your family back home. Travel with our proficient guides for a full day tour of Culture, Art, and History at one of the most recently developed city of the world, know as San Jose!